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Amy McIlwain • Financial Social Media

Amy McIlwain • Financial Social Media Ryan Estes


Oculus Rift - 78%
Regulatory Bodies - 92%
Software Development - 90%
Interactive Forums - 92%
Parents on Facebook - 84%

Summary: If you're a financial advisor, an insurance agent or a financial service company, then Financial Social Media has the right service for you.


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Social Media Enthusiasts for the financial sector.

DBP Power Stats:

Business: Financial Social Media
Who: Amy McIlwain
What: Founder
Where: 3047 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205
Category: Tech, Start-ups
When: Since 2010
Why: You’re closing financial deals on the links sir, don’t worry about twitter – they got you.

Social Media is in it’s infancy. Like all children it’s loud, noisy, and and cranky. To take the analogy further, if Social Media were a child – that screaming baby would have stacks of Benjamins falling out of it’s diaper. There’s money there kid. Financial Social Media is there to help the money-men, otherwise unconcerned, with online marketing. They’re making friends and driving business; coddling that social media baby and collecting those Benjis. We sit down at Lumin Station to talk LinkedIn Endorsements, FINRA, Oculus Rift, and Archiving.

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