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Colorado Print Champion

Colorado Print Champion Ryan Estes


Colorado Hemp - 92%
Local Sourcing - 78%
Entrepreneurship - 84%
Mile High Young Professionals - 90%
Cherry Creek Arts Festival - 84%
Ghosts - 76%

Summary: Happy Llama embodies the future of print - superior quality, locally sourced, and A+ customer service.



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Ira Johnson from Happy Llama joined us!

  • Get to know him here and we’ll post the full podcast next week.

DBP Power Stats!

Business: Happy Llama
Guest: Ira Johnson
Title: Founder
In Business Since: 2006
Popular Client: Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Category: Print


First, we stand behind every project every time. Happy Llama offers the lowest price most of the time. For too many printers and designers the competitive advantage they offer is to have the lowest price or best bid. Happy Llama offers the best price most of the time.

However, we believe the cheapest cost is not always the best value. Value is determined by a print and design project’s ability to generate a return on investment. Our focus is to save you time and ensure your final product represents you unique message and image witin your target market.

Happy Llama is also unique because we realize the success of your printed materials represents the mutual success of our companies. Our unique attention to your specific expectations and our ability to truly guarantee your satisfaction, is the core of our company’s success.

“When securing partners and vendors for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, one of the things we always look for is a firm that has a strong work ethic and spirit about them that allows flexibility and common sense when dealing with the many avenues of challenge that will be put in front them during the planning and implementation of the Arts Festival.  Happy Llama exemplifies that and was a huge asset to our organization and played a big part in the success of our event.

There was no task too large or too small for Happy Llama to take on.  Ira and his team worked on high- level assignments and excelled.  They were also willing to take on small tasks as necessary, to support the overall efforts of the organization.  Happy Llama quickly became a team player in their first year and accomplished all creative and financial expectations with ease.” – Terry Adams, Director

Happy Llama acts as an interpreter and project manager between the client and a prequalified network of vendors to ensure all quality, timing, and cost convenience expectations are clearly understood and met.

Flexibility, dependability, attention to detail and responsiveness can be the difference between the success and failure of a market message. We understand the importance of a consistent high quality image in the market-place and the ability to deliver that message under deadlines.

Our constant attention to detail guarantees the highest level of quality and the greatest efficiencies for all of your print and design needs. Happy Llama’s goal is to make sure your final product represents your unique message and image within your target market.

Thanks Ira!

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