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Avery Bang • Netta Ophir • Bridges to Prosperity

Avery Bang • Netta Ophir • Bridges to Prosperity Ryan Estes


Denver NGO Community - 96%
Angry Birds - 78%
Liberia - 94%
World War II - 84%
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Summary: Bridges have long inspired awe and admiration. They are the cornerstone of commerce and detrimental to cross-cultural cooperation. It's hard to take for granted our cushy lifestyle and shallow gripes when listening to these gal's stories. What a pleasure!



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Avery & Netta from Bridges to Prosperity joined us!

  • Crossing Borders

DBP Power Stats!

Non-Profit: Bridges to Prosperity
Guest: Avery Bang, Netta Ophir
Title: Executive Director, Director of Operations
Since: 2001
Opportunities: here.
Category: Non-Profit
Mission: Bridges to Prosperity provides isolated communities with access to essential health care, education and economic opportunities by building footbridges over impassable rivers.

Avery and Netta are office neighbors of the DBP. As a result we get to see their amazing photography and hear wonderful stories of far off places. Some of which were captured here. Better still, these folks have a genuine radiance about them. It’s contagious. There is something unique about people living a fulfilled life – they speak from their heart and their eyes twinkle. Either they’re making the world a better place or I’ve got something in my teeth. Maybe both. We sit down at Lumin Station to talk Liberia, Afghanistan, and the children of Honduras.

Quiz Time with Sev!

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Thanks Avery and Netta!

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