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Erik Wolf • Orbtr

Erik Wolf • Orbtr Ryan Estes


Love Bombs - 84%
Rattlesnakes - 96%
Lead Tracking - 92%
Analytics - 86%
Performance - 76%

Summary: Create Custom Landing Pages and Email Marketing in Minutes, Track/Manage/Research Leads, and Improve Your Mobile Presence!



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WordPress One Stop: Chump to Champ!

DBP Power Stats:

Who: Erik Wolf
What: Founder
Where: Denver, Colorado • World Wide Web
Category: App Developer, Digital Marketer
When: Since 2013
Why: Dial in your small business marketing strategy with one dashboard in WordPress.

There is nothing better than a product developed by a professional. You want your golf clubs designed by Tiger, you want your protein powder formulated by meat-heads, and you want your marketing plug-ins coded by internet veterans. Erik Wolf is that man. Since 2006 Wolf’s digital agency Zero G Creative has provided his clients with cutting edge marketing services. Recognizing the lack of marketing tools available to small business, Wolf made his own. Powerful and sophisticated internet marketing tools for an affordable price. We sit down at Lumin Station to talk , Ignite Denver, Web Development, and Atlanta.


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Quiz Time with Sev!

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Thanks Erik!

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