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Published on November 9th, 2015 | by Ryan Estes


Tim Wolters


RoundPegg is a talent analytics platform for hiring and engagement.  The first step to talent analytics is knowing your people.  RoundPegg has a simple culture assessment that can be easily deployed to the workforce (5 minute survey) and can be used to inform corporate strategy (do I have the people to execute our strategy?), predictive hiring (how long will someone likely stay with us given their culture fit?), and amplify engagement (do people like working here and are we trying to motivate and engage them based on their values?).  RoundPegg has a growing list of top tier customers including tech startups, healthcare, and financial services.


Startups, you’re invited! On November 12th, RoundPegg is co-hosting a small, invitation-only event for responsible founders and/or their fellow leaders at companies with between 8 and 20 employees. This will not be about theory or generic advice, you will leave with practical, actionable steps you can implement immediately that we’ve seen help startups continually increase the speed and scope of their success through uninterrupted growth. // DETAILS

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