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MHYP’s mission is to create a lasting legacy that promotes young professional growth in Denver.  Our goal is to empower Young Professionals in Denver with all of the business relationships, education and community awareness necessary to become an influential leader in the community. Read more.



“I loved A New Spirit…it wasn’t the “cookie cutter” spa but had it’s own unique feeling. Although it didn’t have the really posh robes and slippers, it had something entirely different – a welcoming spirit and thoughtful details that made you feel like you were visiting a good friend’s home.” Read more.

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“Ryan Estes is like the Gordon Ramsey of social media, he came in evaluated my website and lackluster on-line presence then came up with a clear, concise plan of action.  Literally within days all of my social media sites were buzzing with more followers and the traffic to my website doubled.  Its refreshing to have someone swoop in, make it all seem so easy and take a giant stress out of trying to run a brand new small business.  If you have any budget at all, put it towards Talklaunch, you will not be disappointed.” - Crystal Angel. Read more.

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With over a decade of combined experience in art direction, marketing, graphic design, and photo/video production, we have a unique approach to solving your creative content needs. Our passion for the industry and it’s future are our driving forces and the reason we go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Our team is a solid network of trusted creatives, and we enjoy managing projects of any size from concept to delivery. Read more.

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Bridges to Prosperity provides isolated communities with access to essential health care, education and economic opportunities by building footbridges over impassable rivers.


559987_158740777609164_624319907_nThe Denver Business Podcast is a Lumin Station production.

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