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Jennifer Cyphers • Pynwheel

Jennifer Cyphers • Pynwheel Ryan Estes

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Summary: Our kids will laugh at us for destroying our posture and retinas by staring into glowing squares. Yes, soon enough ALL surfaces will be "smart" surfaces, breaking the chains of gadgets. Jennifer is pushing us into this reality by introducing cutting edge integrated products. Glorious!



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Jennifer Cyphers from Pynwheel joined us!

  • The Future, Yours for $30K

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Business: Pynwheel
Guest: Jennifer Cyphers
Title: Owner
Since: 2012
Store locator: See demo.
Category: Tech,  Apps, Real Estate

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president and founder

Marketing technology maven with 12 years of experience in multifamily, Jen loves nothing more than to dish about emerging technology and behavioral psychology.

Quiz Time with Sev!

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“What 1920’s play coined the words “robot” and “android”?”

Thanks Jennifer!

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